Using the Documentation template

Use this "rich" and responsive documentation template to write general documents and articles and publish online.
Updated: 14.11.2016 19:50

Create new document

Click the "New document" button and choose the "Documentation" template:

Enter a document title in the header

The title is the name and be used as a part of the URL of the document:

Adding content to your document

Drag and drop elements from the bottom toolbar to add them to your document:

Reordering elements in your document

Drag and reorder elements in your document with the options button on the far right of every element:

Pasting images to your document

When using Google Chrome as browser you can easily copy and paste images directly into your document. Add an image element and click the "clipboard" button as shown below. Then click CTRL+V to paste your image:

Adding chapters to your document

Use the "Chapter" button on the bottom toolbar and create a structure of chapters suitable for your document: