Publishing a document

Follow this guide to publish a single Docly document to an online internet URL available for public or with password protection.
Updated: 21.06.2021 14:18

Navigate to and open document

Login to Docly and navigate to your document. Click it to open it in the Docly editor.

Click the "Share" button

This button is located on the top bar when editing a document:

Click the "Publish online" button

Several options are showed on screen, click on this option:

Enter desired alias (URL) and click "Publish document"

Enter URL you want to publish your document to:
Use the "Display template" dropdown if you want to publish in another variation than the standard template.
Use the "Availability" option to secure your published item with password control.

Click the published URL to test

After publishing the published URL will be displayed on screen. Click the link to test it: