Tag documents and folders as favorites

You may access some folders and documents more frequent that others.
For faster access, tag them as favorites to include them in the list "My favorites".
Updated: 22.11.2016 07:53

Find you favorite document or folder

Navigate to, or use the "Filter / search" function to locate a document or folder you want to tag:
Type the file or folder name in the "Filter / search" field and press enter.
In this case we will tag the folder "Installasjon":

Tag as favorite

Click on the button with a star symbol:
The star has turned yellow and indicates that the folder is now a favorite:

Locate favorites

To access any favorite, click on "Lists" to reveal a drop down menu and select "My favorites":
The folder "Installasjon" can now be found togehter with the other favorites:
Notice that the folder will still exist in its original location:

Untag as favorite

If you no longer consider a folder or document to be a favorite, click on the button with the star symbol to untag it: