About encrypted folders

Our aim is to make Doclyâ„¢ a secure place to store important and sensitive data.

Encrypted folders are still in BETA.
Updated: 18.11.2019 15:31


Use encrypted folders to set a password / key to encrypt your data with the latest and best encryption available (AES).
When you encrypt a folder you need to provide your encryption key to access your data. Your encryption key will never be stored in our systems and you will have to provide it when you want to access your encrypted folders. When provided you browser will unlock the folder for a periode of time you can specify yourself (from 2 to 48 hours).
When validating whether your encryption you specify is right or not we only compare it with a hashed version of it. Meaning that our system does never store your actual encryption key - and you are fully responsible to never loose it!

PROS with enc­ryp­ted fol­ders­:

  • Your data is very safe (double secured)
    • If someone should hack Docly your encrypted data will still not be compromised (and we do our very best to keep it safe!)

      CONS with enc­ryp­ted fol­ders­:

      • You can't publish encrypted folders or documents
        • You must never loose your encryption key
          • You must enter your encryption key to access your data

            What is enc­ryp­ted

            What is encrypted in Docly is:
            • All contents of documents
              • All related files to any document
                What is NOT encrypted is:
                • File names and folder names
                  • Tags
                    This is done so that you easily can search and also find encrypted documents and folders. You cannot open them though unless you unlock the encryption.
                    You data is encrypted and decrypted with passwords of your choice (long or short). We are very careful with your keys, they are always transferred over encrypted HTTPS and we do not store them anywhere on our servers.

                    Im­por­tant in­for­mati­on

                    Be very careful that you DO NOT loose or forget your encryption keys. We do not store it on our servers at any time, meaning that it is impossible for us to retreive any of your encrypted data.
                    Store your encryption key safely, typing it is the safest option.
                    Don't use the same encryption key as your password.
                    Keep in mind that short encryption passwords are also less secure.
                    Watch out for key loggers and viruses which this encryption can't provide you any protection for.